Social Media Films and Community Outreach

Gato Feliz Media here. As the primary maker at Gato Feliz Media, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about Citrus View Dental. I was introduced to Eric Mee by a mutual associate who felt we shared a mutual sensibility. I had just moved into the office building here at 5 East Citrus Avenue, and had converted the space at 205 into my editing studio. I added a table for training/workshopping and hung art on my walls from working with artists at my previous business and also some dark room photography that I had made from my days working on a Graduate Studio Art degree. 
This was a great first project for Gato Feliz Media as I have been a proponent of community focused initiatives and those businesses who see community outreach as a natural extension of their place in a neighborhood. This short film was really a documentation of the community outreach that Eric Mee had not only proposed but actually accomplished. This made me even more dedicated to work on this project and make sure that I was able to provide a short film that captured the essence of what Eric Mee and Citrus View Dental, by extension, were setting out to accomplish for the community.
We shot footage over a few days and I was able to create a short piece that felt right from the very first edit. The story came through from the notes Eric gave me regarding his vision for the way we were going to visualize the procedure and from his testimonial regarding what he and Citrus View Dental set out to do with this project. All of the principal interview subjects were very natural and it was easy to have a conversation with them in regards to this short film.
Take a few minutes to see the film and see how small businesses can be instruments of change for the better of a community. Have a great week and contact Gato Feliz Media to talk about how our social media films can help you tell your small business story.
Miguel A. Tarango, gato man


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