social media films

Businesses are now leveraging the ubiquity of the internet and the proliferation of smart phones and tablets. They can use the power of video to create business profiles and to help tell their story. We at Gato Feliz Media understand the importance of connecting with the client in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Gato Feliz Media has found that working with businesses to tell their stories is a rewarding venture and one we are whole heartedly embracing. We have created packages that are similar to our videography rates to help our clients better understand the billing process. We still believe in helping people, which is why we have decided to honor our inexpensive pricing philosophy.

Simple $900: 10 hours total production time. The business is able to tell their story in a thoughtful manner in a video that lasts no longer than four minutes. This includes all shooting, usage of a wireless microphone, lighting, simple motion graphics and branding (provided by the client), the use of photos (provided by the client), a soundtrack (provided by the client), and simple post production (for video and audio). We will deliver for you a social media capable file as well as a master file for your archives. These projects are shot using our DSLR camera equipment, video lights and recorded on our bluetooth microphone. This amounts to ten hours of work. Projects that go beyond the allotted time limit will be subject to our $125 per hour work fee, subject to our discretion.

Deluxe  $1750: 20 hours total production time, hours are used wherever necessary. This time can be used for 2-3 projects (depending on the schedule and post-production) or can be used for a longer or more complex single project.

Since we bill for the hours of work, these are just examples of how those hours can be used. We strive to please our clients and always make sure the client is satisfied with the end result.

Please follow the links below to see samples of our work both in Redlands, California and Denver, Colorado.

This is a great story from Citrus View Dental in Redlands, California about a service they performed for one of their patients.

A successful crowdfunding video we made for a greenhouse in North Denver that helped an urban desert community get access to fresh food and produce. The Grow Haus met and surpassed their project goal of more than $8,000 dollars.

Here is another example of a crowdfunding video we made for another great company in Denver, MM Local.