The “how-to” video

Hello, this is Miguel. Over the years, I have watched many “how-to” videos to accomplish a technical feat or to learn how to facilitate a repair. While I was still at The MacSpa, my business partner Amy and I produced a video that showed us┬áreviewing products. I continued making videos including several that featured the artists we showed at our space where they could talk about their process and influences.

I shot and edited support videos for some of our friends who ran film festivals as well as promos for any of our future events for workshops or appearances. I made a video that featured my old mentor and good friend’s ongoing digital art collaboration known as Sudor and began making crowd funding videos for businesses in Denver.

I had never made a “how-to” video so I decided to today. I am featuring the Liberation Kit from iFixit. I thoroughly enjoy this company’s products and business philosophy. This is why I have decided to feature them, their work, and their products as my first “how-to” video. I hope you enjoy and feel free to visit their website:┬á to learn more about what they do.